Thursday, September 01, 2011

CFH Back To STANAG 4285

 CFH, the Canadian Forces Halifax station in Nova Scotia, has switched back to STANAG 4285 (again) on September 1. Some might remember that it briefly tested this mode before going back to RTTY.  Well, now it's gone back to STANAG.  Parameters appear to be 75 baud, long interleave, ITA2 alphabet, 5 data bits and either no or one stop bit(s).  Channel center is 1800 Hz so best decode on my receiver in USB mode is at -1.8 kHz.

The traffic is still an idler with the NAWS DE CFH ZKR ... AR marker every 30 seconds.

As long as we're discussing STANAG 4285, the highly regarded Sigmira decoding program for Windows and Linux has had that same problem with its features.dat file again.  Apparently, this file becomes obsolete periodically and has to be replaced, but the program lacks an update function to do this.  At this point, the button for STANAG 4285 does not work, and repeated clicking crashes the program.

This can be quickly resolved by downloading the new features.dat to your run directory for Sigmira to replace the existing one.  The download is at the programmer's web site.