Friday, December 23, 2011

1980s FCC 33.7 MHz NE US Fire Department Call Signs - Pt. 1

Once every decade or so, global skip causes interest in identifying stations heard on the still-active low-band VHF fire department frequencies in the US.  This can be a real research job, especially if licenses have expired.

Here's the first part of a really old list recently unearthed here.  It's guaranteed that at least a few of these are still on-air.  FC = Fire Company; FD = Fire Department; VFD = Volunteer Fire Department; VFC = Volunteer Fire Company; and Twp = Township.

KAV 493    PA    E. Taylor Twp
KBD 688    PA    Hempfield Twp VFD
KDU 489    PA    Goodwill FC, Bally
KEM 672    PA    Salford Twp/ Tylersport VFD
KFB 837    PA    Holiday Park VFD
KFF 225    PA    Amity VFC
KFF 335    PA    Carrolltown Fire Engine Co.
KFF 355    PA    Carrolltown Fire Engine Co.
KGB 857    PA    Harmonville FC
KGC 369    PA    Wissahickon
KGC 390    PA    Latrobe Borough VFD
KGC 902    PA    Conshocken FC
KGC 921    PA    New Haven Hose Co.
KGC 999    PA    Royersford Humane Fire Co.
KGD 760    PA    Washington FC
KGD 945    PA    Portage VFD
KGE 254    PA    Central City FC
KGE 403    PA    Young Men's VFD, Blairsville
KGE 467    PA    Ashville VFC
KGE 788    PA    Hiller VFD
KGE 880    PA    Derry Twp VFD
KGF 261    PA    New Haven Hose Co.
KGF 297    PA    Allison VFD
KGF 371    PA    Belle Vernon VFC
KGF 387    PA    Adah
KGF 400    PA    Brownsville
KGG 324    PA    Collegeville FC
KGG 408    PA    Conemaugh
KGG 856    PA    Hope FC, Barnesboro
KGG 863    PA    New Alexandria VFD
KGH 879    PA    Oklahoma Boro VFD
KGL 586    PA    Bullskin Twp VFC
KGL 587    PA    Commodore FD
KGW 744    PA    Rostraver Central VFD
KIJ 450    TN    Brentwood FD
KIU 257    PA    Acosta VFD
KKF 350    DE    Marydel VFD
KNAJ 316    PA    Adamsburg VFA
KNBF308    PA    Charleroi VFD
KNBW 243    PA    Aultman VFA
KNFL 978    PA    Coral Graceton VFC
KNFP 341    PA    Armagh VFD
KNFW 527    PA    Arnold VFC
KNFW 528    PA    Black Lick VFC
KQD 861    OH    Hillsboro
KQE 627    OH    Butler Twp
KQE 686    OH    Jefferson Twp
KQU 341    PA    Washington Twp VFD
KRP 753    PA    Jackson Twp. VFD
KSI 984    PA    Confluence CFD
KTA 870    PA    Cassandra VFD
KTX 540    PA    Crabtree VFC
KUM 632    PA    Rostraver Twp VFC
KVJ 848    PA    St. Michael VFD
KXA 206    PA    Boliver VFD
KZK 287    PA    Cherry Tree VFC
KZT 358    PA    Summerhill Twp VFC
WSZ 504    PA    Clyde VFC
WZX 412    PA    Indiana County FD