Saturday, May 18, 2013

Additions/ Corrections to Weekend Digital SWBC Schedule

1. The P5 SSTV mode will decode in MMSSTV.

2. The higher frequency given for Radio Australia at 1230 UTC is in error.  It is probably definitely 12065 kHz.  The stated 12095 kHz is not an R. Australia frequency, and in fact it is used by a Philippine broadcaster at this time.  The western US should have absolutely no trouble copying the 11945 broadcast at 0830.

3. Copy of the text modes was around 90% here in California for the first VOA Radiogram transmission. The only issue was deeper than usual fading, possibly left over from last night's CME/auroral event.  The SSTV was noisy, but then SSTV usually is on anything less than an optimum channel. The "surprise" mode came through just fine, though I won't spoil the surprise.

[Update: 100% copy on 5 MHz.]

4. We thank Kim Elliott for doing this every week.