Tuesday, October 01, 2013

VOA Radiogram In Limbo During Shutdown

Kim Elliott is furloughed, and everything is in the air.  Or, to be exact, possibly not in the air.

Hello friends,

You probably have heard the news about the US government shutdown. Congress has not sent to the White House an appropriations resolution that would allow continued funding of US government operations.

While VOA will remain on the air to provide news in its 42 languages, I will be on furlough during the shutdown and may not be able to produce a new VOA Radiogram for the weekend on 6-7 October. If the shutdown continues through the weekend, the transmitters, if they are on the air during the four half-hours of VOA Radiogram, will probably broadcast last weekend's program, number 28, again.

After about 1500 UTC today, 1 October 2013, I will not be able to use this email account to send or receive emails until the shutdown ends.

My personal website, www.kimandrewelliott.com ,will continue to be updated during the shutdown, and you can correspond with me using the email address for that website: kimweb@verizon.net

The VOA Radiogram website, voaradiogram.net , will remain online during the shutdown, but I will not be able to update it after 1500 UTC today. I have already posted on that website some interesting results from the past weekend's program.

Thanks to all of you who sent reception reports for VOA Radiogram during the weekend of 28-29 September. I will respond to all of your emails but will not be able to do so until after the shutdown.

And now I begin my unscheduled vacation....


Kim Andrew Elliott
Producer and Presenter
VOA Radiogram