Monday, November 25, 2013

Digital Digest Available as E-books

From Mike Chace-Ortiz, former Digital Digest editor of the late great Monitoring Times:

Fellow utility listeners

With the recent passing of Monitoring Times magazine, I have started publication of back issues of my "Digital Digest" columns as Amazon Kindle ebooks. These can be read on just about every desktop and mobile platform. Each annual compilation contains all 12 columns from a year together with links to software used, screenshots, audio clips and other reference material, and runs to around 50 pages in total.

For 15 years, Digital Digest covered various utility topics including embassies, military, peacekeeping, commercial, humanitarian and other organisations using digital communications on HF radio together with details about their operating habits, frequencies used, message formats and details about how to identify and decode their traffic.

The 2013 and 2012 editions are available by following these links:

Volumes from 2011 to 2000 will be available over the next few weeks.

The column itself will continue to be published by The Spectrum Monitor, the new magazine following on from Monitoring Times.