Sunday, April 06, 2014

Solar Peak VHF DX Log Part 7 (Supplemental from 6 April 14)

All intercepts made in Southern California by the author, using a WiNRADiO G33DDC SDR and a PAR EF-SWL end fed 45' wire. All frequencies kHz, all times UTC.

OM = male, YL = woman, SS = Spanish, EE=English, Disp=Dispatcher, Unid = Unidentified.

Tones are CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) aka "PL."
CSQ = no tone in use (Carrier SQuelch)

Frequency ... Callsign ... Mode ... Description ... Time ... Tone

30740.0    Unid    FM    SS/OM disp    2342    107.2

31137.0    Unid    PSK    Ctr fq of unknown buzzy waveform, looks like a wider version of HFDL but different timing more suggestive of an ARQ iss mode. 1-sec PSK burst starting with audio center tuning beep every 2 sec.    0016, gone 0021    n/a

33160.0    Unid    FM    LOUD SS/EE/OM fast talking car service dispatcher, with skywave fading. Mostly SS but says some numbers and street names in EE. Street names are most likely in Manhattan and Brooklyn. 5th Avenue, 34th St, 51st St., 52nd St, Washington, etc.. Usual phone bg, plus other dispatchers in room. Brief dial tone heard (???). Several possibilities in metro NYC, mostly in Brooklyn.    1852    77.0

33440.0    KCD346    FM    Tolland County, CT Mutual Aid ("Station TN"). OM with disp for "807." Later two OMs talking. "Need PD. You're all set." "R" in Morse code heard. Presumably part of the "C" squelching in and out.    2232    179.9

33520.0    KNFM255    FM    East Haven FD, New Haven County, CT, dispatch channel. OM, medic alarm. YL, FD dispatch. Street names check out.    2011    131.8

37570.0    Unid    FM    Weak SS/OM, only one brief fade in above squelch. Not a US allocation.    2120    CSQ?