Thursday, July 31, 2014

VOA Radiogram MFSK32 Reception in Asia

At 2258 on 7/31 (UTC), the daily VOA test of MFSK32 capability gave useful copy on an Asian receiver despite a loud Chinese domestic station (not Firedrake) being on the 6135 kHz AM frequency.

Signal quality is hard to assess using remotes, but a surprising amount of information made it through to this computer, as decoded on Fldigi with UTF-8 characters enabled.


RSID received
Mode: MFSK32

Eoj° |ú

这是美国之音以MFSK32模式(å¤e,频ç§Á<SUB>”®控32波特ir¼‰发射的ä¿aOd€‚ 多频移键控32

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A quickie Google translation gives:

This is the VOA to MFSK32 mode (å ¤ e, frequency ç § Á <SUB> "® control 32 Potter ir ¼ ‰ launch ä ¿aOd €, multi-frequency shift keying 32
baud is a popular mode of amateur radio use
. We now believe via shortwave transmitter test signals are transmitted by the model.

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