Thursday, April 30, 2015

No News on HFDL System Table

As of yesterday, ground stations heard by this author were all using System Table 49. However, some are reporting 48 still in use at Guam and maybe other places.

I really don't know how the HFDL system can function properly with two different tables in circulation, unless they're identical or the aircraft can store old ones.  Fortunately, PC-HFDL remains configured for System Table 49, and when 48 appears it goes back to the numbers.  I won't be trying to see what happens if #48 is pushed out to an aircraft.  Only #49 ground stations for me.

Regardless, the pchfdl.dat file on this column's web site has just been changed to the one in use here for System Table 49.  The file length looks right.  While your mileage may vary, it is probably sufficient to update PC-HFDL's commercial version.