Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Some NOBLE SKYWAVE frequencies/ calls heard today

Most of these come from Jack Metcalfe, though I have heard some activity out here on 13584 ALE.

5205.0 ZOMBIE, 8ACCS, 4ACCS, CSOR6 & 35SRS all in comms.  ZOMBIE has
 8ACCS loud & clear, but 8ACCS can't hear ZOMBIE.  finally hears him
 at 0049 UTC (JLM)
6811.5 VEH637 calling any station: 2316 UTC in USB voice (21/OCT/2015) (JLM)

9900.0 34TRANS with another call to "unknown station":  2343 UTC in USB 
voice (21/OCT/2015) (JLM)

11103.5 12WING to FIRESTAR 22 at 2234 UTC, SIGNALS 1 to 1S10B at 2235 
UTC, CHN763, GANDER 1, FIRESTAR 27 & QGET1 at 2237 UTC.  VAF787 calling 
VANDOO1 at 2242 UTC, 26 with radio check & GLACE BAY 1 calling 34TRANS 
at 2300 UTC.  CIW601 & CIW660 with radio checks: 2309 UTC in USB voice 
(21/OCT/2015) (JLM)

11539.5 34TRANS with radio check: 2339 UTC in USB voice (21/OCT/2015) (JLM)
14461.5, HALIFAX MILITARY (perfect signal), QGET1, SIGNALS1, CIW444, VEH637, TANGO11, GLADIATOR & FIRESTAR 8 (US Army MARS station) all in comms or attempting same: 1825 UTC+ in USB voice (21/OCT/2015) (JLM) 


Thanks for posting these, Jack!