Friday, February 12, 2016

VOA Radiogram Celebrates World Radio Day Feb.13-14

From Kim Andrew Elliott: Hello friends,

February 13 is World Radio Day. VOA Radiogram this weekend will include content pertaining to World Radio Day. 

In addition to our usual MFSK32, one VOA News story will be in MFSK16. MFSK16 and MFSK32 are both 16-FSK, but MFSK16 is about half the speed and occupies about half the bandwidth (316 Hz). MFSK16 performed well in difficult reception conditions in past VOA Radiogram and Radio Australia broadcasts. 

Here is the lineup for VOA Radiogram, program 150, 13-14 February 2016, all in MFSK32 except where noted:

  1:35  Program preview
  2:55  MFSK16: Galaxies behind the Milky Way (MFSK32 image*)
  9:43  SpaceX will attempt another launch later this month*
15:39  Da Vinci drawings converted to real objects*
21:34  World Radio Day*
26:57  Closing announcements*

* with image

Please send reception reports to

VOA Radiogram transmission schedule
(all days and times UTC):
Sat 0930-1000 5865 kHz (might still be audible in Europe via the gray line)
Sat 1600-1630 17580 kHz
Sun 0230-0300 5745 kHz
Sun 1930-2000 15670 kHz
All via the Edward R. Murrow transmitting station in North Carolina.

The Mighty KBC will transmit a minute of MFSK32 Sunday at about 0220 UTC (Saturday 9:20 pm EST) on 6040 kHz, via Germany. Reports for KBC decodes to Eric: .

Here is the World Radio Day logo as decoded last weekend by VOA Radiogram listeners around the world ...

And here are videos of last weekend's VOA Radiogram produced by listeners in Italy, Colorado, and Japan. You can watch the decoding, or decode the modes yourself from the audio ...

Thanks for your reception reports. I'm still answering the reports from program 145. Hope to have that finished today. 

The Winter SWL Fest is 19-20 February at Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. Information at I don't know yet if I will be able to attend, but I recommend this event for anyone interested in radio.


Kim Andrew Elliott
Producer and Presenter
VOA Radiogram
Twitter: @voaradiogram