Monday, October 03, 2016

KPH Returns to Bolinas/Pt. Reyes 8 October

That's right! As promised a few weeks back, the historic KPH call sign is coming home.

From MRHS:

> Basic Details:

Date: Saturday 8 October 2016
Time: 1200 Pacific time/1900gmt (doors open at receive site at 1100 Pacific time)
Location: RCA receive site, 17400 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Point Reyes National Seashore

> Preparations:

The crack MRHS Transmitter Department has shifted all the KSM transmitters back to their original KPH frequencies, re-tuned the antennas, tested the keying and advise that all will be in order for the resumption of KPH service on Saturday 8 October

> KPH Operations:

No KPH operations will take place until 1200 Pacific time/1900gmt.  At that time a commemorative message will be sent - we hope by Ray Smith, the operator who signed KPH Bolinas/Point Reyes off the air on 30 June 1997.  KPH will then pick up the thread and resume operations operations just as it did for so many decades.

> KPH CW Frequencies:


KPH (and K6KPH) will be on the air every Saturday and Sunday so be sure listen for us.

> KPH Hours of Operation:

To give as many listeners as possible a chance to hear KPH we will extend our operating hours for this event to at least 2100 Pacific time/0400gmt 9 October.

> Receive frequencies:

KPH will monitor 500kc and ITU HF channel 3 for calls from ships -


If you want to hear both sides of our contacts with ships, listen on these frequencies for the ship's transmission. 
> KPH NBDP (RTTY) Frequencies:


NBDP transmissions are available on Saturdays only.

> KSM Operations:

KSM will cease cease normal operation after 8 October 2016.  However on 8 October 2016 several KSM transmitters will remain on the air giving information about the switch over to KPH. 

> KSM CW Frequencies for 8 October 2016 (and possibly some following Saturdays):


Note: The KSM transmitters on these frequencies will all be vintage heavy iron: 1950s vintage RCA K and L sets and the 1942 Press Wireless PW15.

> K6KPH Operations:

Amateur station K6KPH will be in operation as usual, listening for calls on these frequencies:


> Station Telephone:

The receive site can be contacted directly by telephone on +1 415-669-9646 for general information, or to set up schedules.  But PLEASE NOTE that the phone will be answered only when the receive site is staffed.

> Public Event!:

Join us on the air or in person at the receive site to participate in this historic event - the return of KPH to its ancestral home at Bolinas and Point Reyes.  When we began our project we would never have believed this day would come.  You can be there with us when the famous call KPH is heard once again.

Doors open at the receive site at 1100 Pacific time.