Friday, April 07, 2017

The saga of Frequency Table #50 continues


Now it appears, a few weeks after the HFDL system rolled out Frequency Table #50, that just about everyone has dropped back to #49. I haven't checked all the stations, but someone who's reliable says the only one he found that is not using #49 is Barrow, Alaska - and they are using #48.

Whatever.  This is why I told everybody to rename the old pchfdl.dat file instead of deleting it. The new file, the one with #50, can be renamed to something like pchfdl50.dat, and the old one can be renamed back to pchfdl.dat. And away you go.

This is why I feel silly.  I went to do that, and since - lucky me - PC-HFDL had updated itself without my needing to do anything.... the old file was gone.  Oops.  It's backed up, of course, and I'll go find it, but just saying.  If ARINC/ Rockwell Collins is going to continue their recent thing of churning databases, then we're going to have to keep both available. One can run multiple instances of PC-HFDL or just have the files for #49 and #50 somewhere else as pchfdl49.dat and pchfdl50.dat, copying in and renaming the relevant one as needed.  I like that second one, even though it's more work.

EDIT 4/14: The link to the file has been removed from this column's web site until this is resolved.