Friday, June 23, 2017

New list of Japanese fishery stations

This is my latest list of Japanese fishery shore station call signs and licensees. It's a composite of two lists found online, one from 2014 and in Japanese, and one much older one that's apparently a straight dump of the government list.  Many stations that only use VHF or 27 MHz don't show an international call sign at all, but those aren't relevant for an HF list anyway.

The original structure of Japanese 3-letter calls reserved the entire JF- block for fishery.  The JHx block has some fishery use as well.  Most, but not all, of the stations are licensed to prefectural fisheries.  They work fishing vessels at sea, and some take daily CQs on ITU maritime channels.

Modes used are CW (International Morse and Wabun codes), USB voice, and occasionally fax or digital.  We get frequent rumors that more advanced military modes and frequencies might have occasional fishery use, but there's not enough hard information to say either way.

The list:

JFA    Matsudo Radio
JFB    Tokushima Prefecture Radio Fishery Cooperative Association
JFC    (1-7) Kanagawa Prefecture (Misaki Fishery Radio Station)
JFD    Ishikawa Prefecture Fisheries Cooperative Association
JFE    Okinawa Prefecture Fisheries
JFF    Miyagi Fishery Radio Station
JFG    Shizuoka Prefecture Fisheries
JFH    Mie Prefectural Fishery (Hamashima Fishery Radio Station)
JFI     Kasumi fishery
JFJ     May be unused
JFK    Shimonoseki Fishery
JFK2    Akkeshi Radio Association
JFL    Suzaki Fishery
JFM    Kochi Prefectural Fishery (Muroto Fishing)
JFN    Tobata
JFO    Fukuoka Fishery
JFP    Miyazaki Prefecture Fishery (Aburatsubo Fishery)
JFQ    Makurazaki Fishery
JFR    Nagasaki Prefectural Fishery
JFR2    Nagasaki Prefectural Fishery
JFS    Aomori Prefectural Fishery
JFT    Kamaishi Fishery
JFU    Ishinomaki Fishery
JFV    Kesennuma
JFW    Fukushima Prefectural Fisheries (Iwaki Fishery)
JFX    Kagoshima Prefecture Fisheries (Kagoshima Fishery Radio Station)
JFY    Wakkanai Fishery
JFZ    Kushiro machine fishing fishery cooperative - Shiroko Fishery, Hokkaido
JHA    Ibaraki Fishery
JHC    Chiba Prefectural Fishery
JHE    Ehime Prefecture Wireless Fisheries Cooperative Association
JHU    Nemuro Fishery Cooperative Association
JSB    Hokkaido Board of Education, HS fishing program

4312501    Ofunato Fishing (Only identification given - has HF authorization)

In addition, JFC, JFW, and JFX are known to keep a daily schedule of fax transmissions on the common frequencies of 6414.5, 8658.0, 13074.0, 16907.5, and 22559.6 kHz. There are probably others.  Fax is often tuned 1.9 kHz below the internationally listed frequencies.

Martin Foltz in California has been quite successful in getting E-QSLs from some of these stations.