Sunday, August 27, 2017

Basic Harvey Frequency List #1

This extract from my rather dated 2013 Hurricane Frequency List contains the ones that are known to be still used for the activities listed. In other words, confidence in this particular list is somewhat higher than in the whole 2013 list, and these should be considered good places to start looking.

I left out the 14325 kHz Natl. Hurricane Watch Net, because I did not know whether or not it was still active for Harvey.  There's another tropical disturbance off the US East Coast, and if it develops the HWN may activate again.

Frequencies that have already been confirmed active in Harvey are in boldface.


3845.0   (LSB) Gulf Coast West, often takes H&W
3873.0   (LSB) Regional ARES Emergency Frequency
3910.0   (LSB) Central Texas Emergency Net
3930.0   (LSB) North Texas Emergency Net
3935.0   (LSB) Health & Welfare Traffic Net (Night)
3944.0   (LSB) West Gulf Emergency Net
3955.0   (LSB) South Texas Emergency Net
3957.0   (LSB) Louisiana State EOC
3975.0   (LSB) RACES Net H&W Alternate

4780.0   FEMA
5135.0   SECURE Gulf Coast net ALE/USB VOICE
5136.4   Red Cross F-93
5141.4   Red Cross F-94
5211.0   National Emergency Coordination Net night primary
5696.0   Old USCG air-ground/safety of flight, now mostly on COTHEN
5896.5   SHARES night primary

6910.0   SHARES Region 6

7235.0   (LSB) Regional Emergency Hurricane Frequency
7240.0   (LSB) Texas Emergency Net
7248.0   (LSB) Texas RACES, Primary Tactical Freq
7250.0   (LSB) Texas Emergency Frequency
7260.0   (LSB) West Gulf Coast Hurricane Net (Alt)
7264.0   (LSB) Gulf Coast Health & Welfare (Alt)
7268.0   ????????????
7273.0   (LSB) Texas ARES (Alt)
7285.0   (LSB) Primary ARES Regional Daytime Frequency
7290.0   (LSB) Primary Regional Daytime H&W/WX Freq
7348.0   FEMA
10493.0   National Emergency Coordination Net day primary
11108.0   FEMA

12216.0   FEMA
13446.0   FEMA "Foxtrot-36" various modes
13457.0   SHARES primary - also Federal Aviation Administration
13956.0   FEMA "Foxtrot-48", some NECN use (USB/LSB)
14293.0   Red Cross use
14303.0   ARRL International Assistance & Traffic Net
14389.0   MARS Mission Support Net
14390.5   MARS disaster operations
14396.5   SHARES National Day Primary
14450.0   FEMA "Foxtrot-41"
14567.0   FEMA "Foxtrot-39," NECN primary in past


In addition, there is activity on the COTHEN net, though I haven't heard any voice comms here yet.  This net was a mainstay in Katrina, and while I realize that's 12 years ago, and that its primary mission remains law enforcement, maybe it will be used again.  It's primarily USB ALE, though follow-on voice comm is frequent.