Friday, January 10, 2020

No problem with KiwiSDR list going members only!

Some people got pretty upset about this.  The fact is, however, that was only peripherally involved with KiwiSDR. The receivers incorporate code built on a fork of its owner's earlier OpenWebRX program, for which he gets compensation.  There are four other ways to get to the receivers without logins, brain-melting CAPTCHAs, and requirements that you have a ham call or make one up.

The real official gateway has always been at KiwiSDR's own public site.

This isn't going anywhere.

Another map is at, and that one also has the clickable positions of the receivers. Don't worry about the map duplication and the Google API error messages, just zoom in and click the receivers.

A Canadian ham has his own gateway, with some extra bells and whistles.

The fourth solution is to access the receivers directly, using their own web links.

This is all discussed at length in February's column.

No problem.