Sunday, July 12, 2020

KPH Night of Nights is ham bands this year

Usual time, 0001 UTC as July 12 turns into the 13th, but on amateur frequencies. From "RD:"

Night of Nights 12 July
Sunday, 12 July 2020
Night of Nights
12 July every year. The first transmission will be at 0501pm Pacific time (0000 UTC 13 July).

As most True Believers probably know by now, the Point Reyes National Seashore has closed the park and suspended all volunteer activities until further notice.  Since we at the MRHS are all park volunteers, that includes us.  Thus KPH, KFS and K6KPH will be off the air "for the duration". 
We will not be able to transmit on our usual KPH commercial frequencies.  However we are working hard (testing underway as I write) to remote key two full power amateur transmitters on 3550kc and 7050kc under the call W6AWO (the K6KPH call is restricted to use by transmitters actually at the Bolinas transmit site).

The transmitters are at Valley Springs, California and the control point is at Inverness, California.  Test transmissions from these transmitters should begin shortly.  On Night of Nights the traditional opening message will be sent by these transmitters after which W6AWO and other MRHS member stations will stand by for calls.  Live keying (as opposed to sending a file like the opening message) may be a little stilted due to the way the control software works.  Speed will be 15wpm.