Saturday, September 01, 2007

KSM RTTY Testing Again Today

From Richard Dillman of MRHS:

Once again this Saturday the KSM Transmitter Department plans to exercise the 12Mc RTTY transmitter beginning at about 2000Z and ending at about 2300Z. Press and weather will be broadcast in Baudot and FEC modes.

The Baudot transmission will be 170cps shift, 45.45 baud. The frequency is 12631.0kc.

The tubes currently in the transmitter limit power output to 2.5kW. Once these are replaced a power output of 4 to 5kW will be used. The antenna is a H over 2.

The transmitter for our 8Mc RTTY frequency is undergoing restoration by the Transmitter Department. Once this transmitter operational both 8Mc and 12Mc will be active each Saturday with press and weather information of interest to the maritime community. The 8Mc frequency is 8433.0kc. A double extended Zepp will be used on this frequency.

KSM will be active on Morse as usual on:


K6KPH will guard 7050kc and 14050kc for signal reports, NTS traffic and general calls. Since the above frequencies are in a scanner along with the ship calling frequencies, the best procedure to use when calling K6KPH is the same as that for commercial operations: Keep sending "K6KPH" on the above frequencies (within the limits of FCC identification requirements of course). When your call is heard K6KPH will send "DE" after which you can send your call sign. Sometimes things get busy at the station so I apologize in advance if your call is not immediately answered.

VY 73,

Richard Dillman
Chief Operator, MRHS