Monday, September 24, 2007

Second New US Coastal CW Station Licensed

Forward from Dick Dillman, chief operator at KSM, the first new station:

A new US class 1A common carrier Morse code coast station has been licensed by the FCC!

As may remembered, I suggested earlier this year that those in the US interested in preserving 500kc for commercial operation should apply for a commercial coast station license - just as we did for KSM.

Two people made applications. One of these has been granted today (9/24).

Station KDR has been licensed to James A. Dalke in Bellevue, WA. OM Dalke is a broadcast engineer who just happens to have a 5kW MF transmitter in the garage so I suspect we will be hearing the signal of KDR before too long. Jim says he as many "interesting plans" for the station.

KDR is licensed for operation on 500kc and 482kc at 5kW.

See all information on the FCC Web site.

One other application is pending. Others have expressed interest in submitting applications.

In my view licensing stations like KDR is the best possible way to preserve 500kc for true commercial operations.

VY 73,

Richard Dillman

Coordinates given are 47-40-24.0 N, 122-10-11.0 W. Emission is 160HA1A (plain CW Morse wireless telegraphy, 160 Hz bandwidth). Antenna type is not known.

This ought to be good.