Thursday, November 13, 2008

Special Maritime Radio Historical Society Event 11/21-22

From MRHS:

On 21/22 November the MRHS will activate KPH and K6KPH from the original trans-Pacific receive site of the American Marconi Co in Marshall, CA. This was also the receive site for KPH before WWII. KPH will be active on 426kc, 500kc and on 4Mc and/or 6Mc HF (exact frequencies to be announced). K6KPH will be on 3550kc and 7050kc. Transmitters in Bolinas will be keyed remotely from the Marshall site. KPH was closed at the beginning of WWII so this activation will recall the days before Pearl Harbor.

As a special treat SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN/KXCH (Denice Stoops at the key) and SS RED OAK VICTORY/KYVM (Steve Hawes at the key) will attempt to be on the air on MF.

If you have the ability to relay traffic to the National Traffic System we'd love to hear from you if you're within range of K6KPH during the day on 3.5Mc or 7Mc. We will be soliciting traffic from those attending this event and may have a lot on the hook. So if you can be QRV for us please let me know.