Monday, December 09, 2013

Early December Log (from Editor)

5738.5   WQAB 964-Sail Mail, SD, 0247 answered weak Pactor-I call from vessel (center frequency 5740), then long transmission in various Pactor submodes ending with CW ID at 0239.  (8-Dec-13) (HS)

6519.0   WLO-ShipCom, Mobile, AL, voice synth YL 1300 with tropical wx.  (7-Dec-13) (HS)

6559.0   UPS80-United Parcel Service freighter 1301 wkg San Francisco HFDL (weak squitters, uncopyable). UP0982, UPS freighter 1305 wkg San Francisco HFDL.  (7-Dec-13) (HS)

6577.0   Unid-Unknown CAR-A MWARA ground station 1307 USB selcal DP-HR to unheard a/c (probable Westjet B737 reg C-FWAF), then voice comm.  (7-Dec-13) (HS)

6604.0   New York-NewYork VOLMET 1316 USB aviation wx for Bermuda.  (7-Dec-13) (HS)

6666.6   ROJO DOS-Probable Mexican Army, SS/OM 1304 USB calling (sounds like PRESTO) ROJO, then (PRESTO?) ROJO 1307 SS/OM long exchange with ROJO SEIS, usual whistling and one 1K beep.  (7-Dec-13) (HS)

6679.0   Tokyo Volmet-Tokyo Radio, Japan, 1310 USB voice synthesized EE/YL sign-on and into VOLMET for West Pacific airports, cut at end of slot 1314.  (7-Dec-13) (HS)

6688.0   Unid-Unknown military, encrypted RTTY (75/850, center freq 6690) 1259, stopped 1301, then 2nd station EE/OM with strong JJ accent "Whiskey copy number 2 over."  (7-Dec-13) (HS)

6715.0   AEDSPR-USAF Secure IP Routed Net entry point, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska 1308 ALE sounding.  (7-Dec-13) (HS)

6715.0  DL0005-USAF SIPRNET 1324 ALE sounding.  (7-Dec-13) (HS)

30620.0  WPSD819-Millennium Taxi, Chattanooga, TN, southern accented EE/YL taxi dispatcher 2013 telephone ringing in background, PL 210.7. QRM from unid business comms by southern accented EE/OM's with PL 94.8.  (6-Dec-13) (HS)

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