Friday, December 06, 2013

US Federal/ Military Logs for 5 Dec 13

From MDMonitor:

08971.0  1901Z  Fiddle (TOC, NAS Jacksonville FL) w/Cardfile 30 (P-8 Poseidon, VP-5 NAS Jacksonville FL) (2013/12/05 RP-MD)

11232.0  2019Z Trenton Military w/???6446 (didn't sound like Canforce) w/request for selcal check on CD-BP (listed as CL-600-2B16 Challenger 605, Bombardier Inc, Montreal PQ).(2013/12/05 RP-MD)

11232.0  2021Z  Trenton Military w/Canforce 2566 in pp to Wing Ops reporting they are unserviceable for FADEC (spelled) and ETA CFB Trenton is 2230Z.(2013/12/05 RP-MD)

11232.0  2027Z  Trenton Military w/Canforce 2569 requesting any traffic. Trenton advises no traffic for them. At 2118Z  Trenton Military w/Canforce 2569 w/wx for Halifax NS.(2013/12/05 RP-MD)

11484.0    Desert Eagle (US Army MARS HQs, Ft Huachuca AZ): 2034Z w/ (call missed--US Army MARS stn) chatting about antenna orientations and signal strengths.(2013/12/05 RP-MD)

11175.0  2056Z  Offutt in radio checks w/Reach 1580. (2013/12/05 RP-MD)

13927.0  2109Z  AFA5QW (USAF MARS stn) w/Raid 92 (KC-135R/T 319th Wing, Grand Forks AFB, ND) in pp to Scott AFB IL to get wx for Cannon AFB NM at 2345Z.(2013/12/05 RP-MD)

11175.0   2122Z  Offutt in radio check w/Reach 413. (2013/12/05 RP-MD)

11175.0  2135Z  Offutt w/Cargo 06 (unid--weak) w/request for pp.  Offutt advises to QSY to 11220.0 (2013/12/05 RP-MD)

11220.0  2136Z  Offutt w/Cargo 06 in pp (too weak to read). (2013/12/05 RP-MD)

09025.0   2201Z  100445 (C-5A #70-0445 433 AW – AFRC Kelly  AFB, TX) ALE sounding. (2013/12/05 RP-MD)

Maryland, USA ((390747N 763711W)
Icom R75 & Sangean ATS 909
45-ft  PAR EF-SWL