Monday, March 03, 2014

More Russia Info

Air Transport:

6685  USB  Night primary
8847  USB  Day secondary
11630 USB Day primary

Naval Air Transport uses these call signs:

RJF94  Central Sector Station, Moscow (PRIBOJ)
RJC38  Northern Sector Station, Murmansk (NOVATOR)
RJC48  Southern Sector Station, Sevastopol (NORKA)
RCH84 Eastern Sector Station, Vladivostok (MONOLOG)
RCB ... Western Sector Station (KRAKET), Kaliningrad

7696  CW Alternate frequency
8816  CW Primary
11354 USB Voice primary

Naval Air Transport aircraft use IDs of 5 figures. These correspond to the aircraft's 
registration number. Many of these have been heard in the Ukraine area.

Some more calls used by Navy:

RCV                Black Sea Fleet, Sevastopol, Ukraine (RKZ, RKS, RJV, RIP90, RBE86, RGX)
RIR2                Navy, Polyarny
RIT                  Northern Fleet, Severomorsk (works group calls RLO, RKZ, RKS)
RIW                Navy Headquarters, Moscow (also group calls RJE56, RAA)
RJC62             RJD69             ISKATELX     Baltiysk Naval base 54.646N 19.919E
RJE56             PROGRESS    NCS station Moscow, has contact with many Navy stations
RJF95             ?
RJH25             KAKTUS        43N x 74.5E
RJH57             Same as RIT
RJV                 Collective: all Black Sea ships (used by RCV)
RHP99            Vessel Gorizont
RJS                  Pacific Fleet, Vladivostok
RKN                Caspian Flotilla, Astrakhan
RMP                Baltic Fleet, Kaliningrad (REO, RMU, RKZ)
RWM              Moscow

Russian voice phonetics:
А -- Anna/ Anton
Б -- Boris
В -- Vasily
Г -- Gregory
Д -- Dmitri
Е -- Yelena
Ё -- ёлка
Ж -- Zhenya
З -- Zinaida
И -- Ivan
Й -- Ivan kratkiy
К -- Konstantin/ Kilowatt
Л -- Leonid
М -- Mikhail
Н -- Nikolai
О -- Olga
П -- Pavel
Р -- Roman
С -- Semyon
Т -- Tatyana
У -- Ulyana
Ф -- Fyodor
Х -- Khariton
Ц -- tsaplya
Ч -- chelovek
Ш -- Shura
Щ -- shchuka
Ъ -- tvyordiy znak
Ы -- ery
Ь -- myagkiy znak
Э -- echo
Ю -- Yury
Я -- Yakov