Sunday, March 30, 2014

Solar Peak VHF DX Log, Part 2 (31-32 MHz)

All intercepts made in Southern California by the author, using a WiNRADiO G33DDC SDR and a PAR EF-SWL end fed 45' wire. All frequencies kHz, all times UTC.

OM = male, YL = woman, SS = Spanish, EE=English, Disp=Dispatcher, Unid = Unidentified.

Tones are CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) aka "PL."

Frequency ... Callsign ... Mode ... Description ... Time ... Tone

31000.0    WPCK809    FM    Preston County Board of Education, Kingwood, WV.  "Bus Garage" wkg various drivers in bad 2014 winter weather. Called "Preston County comm center," which answered "911 center." Wkg "121" and "129."    1921    151.4

31000.0    Unid    FM    YL, different agency, short cut in. "I need [another?] report" was the only thing copied. She didn't sound like a happy camper.   2012    210.7

31025.0    Unid    FM    2 stns: #1: Two EE/OMs, very distorted, likely off-frequency, copied only "son of a bitch." #2: Loud/clear SS/OM, "quiero mas," definitely on-frequency. 025 is not an FCC allocation. From previous cycles, I'd be inclined to guess South America.    2130    CSQ

31040.0    Unid    FM    YL, brief fade in, sounded like EE    2108    203.5

31060.0    Unid    FM    SS/OM fast talking taxi dispatcher, phone ringing bg    2040    91.5

31080.0    Unid    FM    OM, sounds like Russian, then weak noise like old mil PARKHILL scrambling, minus the PL tone. Later hiss, possibly open squelch noise on a repeater or remote base output, then weak voice comm, unintelligible. Repeater skip? Fishing boat?    2220    100.0

31100.0    Unid    FM    OM, southern US accent, "SF2" clg "SF4"    1900    CSQ

31125.0    Unid    ?    Hissy Station, periodic short bursts, later long xmsns    1830    n/a

31160.0    KIP300    FM    Loud YL "Dispatch," says "10-4," wkg loud OM regarding bad winter weather. Probably John Weidman & Son Oil Burner Service, Lancaster County, PA.     1929    127.3

31161.0    Unid    ?    Hissy Station, short bursts. Only freq not in the .25 spacing.    1940

31175.0    Unid    ?    Hissy Station, short bursts. Later longer transmissions.     1940    n/a

31200.0    Unid    FM    YL, pretty clear, transportation type stuff, also disorted OM    1954    77.0

31200.0    Unid    FM    2 different OMs. One was warning a company driver of ice patches. Apparent HVAC company. References to filters for outdoor and indoor units. Loud thumping QRM from "squiggles."    2038    91.5

31200.0    Unid    FM    YL, nice signal, southern US accent    1954    97.4

31240.0    Unid    FM    YL, heavy southern US accent, sounded like "Have a great race, Rusty."    2023    82.5

31240.0    Unid    FM    OM, southern US accent,    2151    123.0

31275.0    Unid    ?    Like Hissy Station, only very loud buzz. Same people?    1745    n/a

31280.0    Unid    FM    2 OMs, southern US accent, one named John. Given to long conversations. Very strong signal. Calls to "Salvador" (never heard) regarding tractors and various agricultural devices.     1850    179.9

31300.0    Unid    FM    Hissy Station, long & some very short xmsns    2204    n/a

31300.0    Unid    FM    Stn sending continuous buzz, on and off all day, fading    1908    151.4

31300.0    Unid    FM    Dasher, regular 1-sec carriers in standard NBFM; faded out    2106    151.4

31360.0    Unid    FM    OM, huge signal, sounded like some kind of company dispatch type tfc. Warning drivers about cold weather.    2018    CSQ

31360.0    Unid    FM    2 OMs, southern US accent    2003    71.9

31360.0    Unid    FM    2 OMs, southern US accent, one transmitter tx drifts up and down at key-down. Content suggests business or construction activity.    1925    173.8

31400.0    Unid    FM    Unk construction company, OMs discussing digging and such, southern US accent, great signal    1945    110.9

31440.0    Unid    FM    OM, southern US accent, discussing concrete and construction type work. Later two guys audible.    2047    CSQ

31480.0    Unid    FM    2 OM s, base & mobile, southern US accent.    2020    CSQ

31480.0    Unid    FM    Very distorted OMs, lots of noise    1852    156.7

31520.0    Unid    FM    YL, really strong southern US accent, wkg 2-3 OM s with some joking around. Possible loading dock or warehouse type operation.    2203    82.5

31520.0    Unid    FM    OM, southern US accent, some kind of work regarding ditches in a field.    2141    118.8

31560.0    Unid    FM    2 OMs, weak, possible false PL decode of other people    2217    114.8

31560.0    Unid    FM    2 OMs, southern US accent., long exchange, distorted. Discussing work and some kind of hole in something behind something else.    2205    192.8

31600.0    Unid    FM    Two guys with southern US accents. Sounds like Texas. One is a truck driver, obviously chewing the rag on long hauls for companionship. He tells various stories that would make good TV scripts.    2039    136.5

31600.0    Unid    FM    Stn using turkey calls, doesn't sound like our trucker friend.    1902    ?

31600.0    Unid    Unk    Approximate center fq of "reverse squiggle," upward moving xmsn in ~10 sec periods. Demodulates (if chased around well enough) as noise + Spanish "freeband" type of voice, with echo box. Always the same guy. Likely spur or intermod. Appeared on several days.    1950

31640.0    Unid    FM    OM, strong southern US accent, wkg cement trucks on construction job. Fades in and out.    1738    118.8

31640.0    Unid    FM    YL: unintelligible, brief fade-in    1916    146.2

31680.0    Unid    FM    OM, not much heard    2121    114.8

31680.0    Unid    FM    Carrier, distorted audio    2009    156.7

31700.0    Unid    FM    Weak    2138    CSQ

31754.0    Unid    N0N    SuperDuperSquiggle, started here at 2031, drops very slowly in frequency, occasional gaps or squiggly places, ended 8 minutes later on 31353. Recurs at regular intervals with similar characteristics. Likely industrial RF device.    2031    n/a

31760.0    Unid    FM    2 stns, OM mentioned "Texas," southern US accent. Not very intelligible.    2040    85.4

31760.0    Unid    FM    Weak OM    2220    88.5?

31760.0    Unid    FM    Weak YL    2041    141.3

31760.0    WXY630    FM    Probably Hobet Surface Coal Mine Operations, WV. Base stn & mobiles with 600-Hz beep on un-key. Sometimes the base sends short beeps when weak mobiles are active. Traffic sounds right.    2007    146.2

31850.0    Unid    FM    Hissy Station, stronger than usual    1950    n/a

31880.0    Unid    FM    SS/OM    2131    94.8

31880.0    Unid    FM    2 OMs, southern US accent    2019    94.8

31880.0    Unid    FM    2 OMs, southern US accent, one stopping for a sub    2118    107.2

31880.0    Unid    FM    OM, noisy signal, short xmsns, fading    2048    114.8

31880.0    Unk    FM    2 OM s, southern US accents, at work, weak    1858    127.3

31880.0    Unid    FM    OM using turkey calls, loud, mentioned "the plant"    1905    210.7

31900.0    Unid    ?    Hissy Station, several transmitters that seem to be wkg each other, each slightly off-frequency    2123    n/a

31920.0    Unid    FM    2 Oms, concerning highway aid in "Beckman Subdivision"    2205    141.3

31950.0    Unid    FM    Hissy Station, narrower than others    1945    n/a

31960.0    Unid    FM    SS/EE/OM, dispatcher, says numbers in EE but words in SS    2128    82.5

31960.0    Unid    FM    2 OM s, southern US accent    2012    107.2

31975.0    Unid    WFM    Brief WBFM transmissions, missed. Probably military.    1800    CSQ