Friday, June 13, 2014

Solar Activity is Picking Up

From SolarHam:

Region 2087 produced an impulsive X1.0 solar flare Wednesday morning at 09:06 UTC. This is now the 3rd such X-Class event within the past 24 hours. A relatively faint coronal mass ejection (CME) is seen in the latest LASCO C2 coronagraph imagery. The plasma cloud appears to be blended in with an earlier CME following an M3.0 flare around the same region an hour earlier. The active region will continue to be a threat for major solar flares as it continues to rotate into a more geoeffective position.

Updated 06/10/2014 @ 18:40 UTC
Two X-Flares
Solar activity is now at high levels thanks to new sunspot 2087, now rotating into view off the southeast limb. A strong, but impulsive solar flare measuring X2.2 was first detected Tuesday morning 11:42 UTC. Just over an hour later, this was followed up by a longer duration X1.5 event around the same active region. The second event (X1.5) is responsible for a bright coronal mass ejection now visible in the latest STEREO Ahead COR2 imagery. More details regarding a possible glancing blow once additional imagery becomes available. The active region will turn into a more direct Earth facing position as the week progresses. Event logs are listed below.

CME Update: As per the latest CME prediction model, the expansive plasma cloud will likely pass to the east of our planet and have little to no impact on our geomagnetic field. A glancing blow at best will be possible by June 13th.