Saturday, September 13, 2014

High Bands Working as Magnetic Storm Abates

Bz remained strongly northward through the night (U.S. time), and the estimated Kp index stayed well below storm levels for the entire period.  HF has recovered nicely, with good signals, especially at the high end.  The 10 meter amateur beacon band (28200-28300 CW) is alive with Morse code signals for the first time in a while here.

Photos of spectacular aurora in the far northern US are all over the internet.  Vermont and New Hampshire were treated to an amazing display of green, yellow,  and purplish-red "northern lights."

It's worth watching the dreaded Bz, as it is very slowly moving southward at present.  It will do what it wants to do, and this is not a prediction of the future.  But a storm watch remains in effect.