Friday, September 19, 2014

Low-VHF F2 Skip is Back!

After hearing a solid signal from the 29620 kHz FM repeater in New York State, I checked higher up. Indeed the first VHF skip of the season was coming into California from the New York City area, with the usual NYC taxi dispatchers.  These were also good signals.

Since this time, Bz has moved south, and the Kp index is around the storm threshold at 4. Radio conditions are deteriorating somewhat.  Still, the season is coming......


kHz      UTC  Tone   Traffic
30620.0  1902 210.7  LOUD carriers, SS dispatcher
30660.0  1814  77.0  Huge carrier

30720.0  1822  ?     Weak carrier, longer xmsns than rest         

30740.0  1901 107.2  Taxi, probably NYC, usual fast SS  

30800.0  1919  88.5  Taxi, probably NYC, usual fast SS

30820.0  1902 151.4  Carriers, OM and YL dispatchers

31360.0  1910   CSQ  Weak EE/OM, "right next door to your right"