Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Hurricane frequency list #1

With the approach of Irma, the strongest Atlantic Basin hurricane ever measured, activity has picked up on many frequencies clear into UHF, if not microwave.  Emergency activity should greatly increase as the US prepares for the storm, and contact is made with hard-hit Caribbean islands. Major evacuations are already starting, especially in the Florida Keys.

All this has contributed to a pretty decent hurricane frequency list. It gets longer daily.  Keep in mind that every frequency on here has been heard and verified to have hurricane activity, or at least ALE soundings by relevant stations, in Harvey and/or Irma.  It's still not the longest list around, but it's probably one of the best.

Hopefully solar flares that have disrupted HF will abate in coming days, as the responsible sunspot region rotates off the visible disk and becomes some other planet's problem.


3345.0    (ALE) USACE
3592.5    Digital H&W
3873.0    (LSB) South Texas ARES
3910.0    (LSB) Central Texas Emergency
3935.0    (LSB) South Texas ARES Health & Welfare
3955.0    (LSB) South Texas Emergency
3975.0    (LSB) Texas RACES Alternate / H&W alternate
4490.0    (ALE) SHARES
5158.0    MARS A4A Net, request for comm teams
5400.0    (ALE) USACE
5732.0    (ALE) COTHEN
5760.0    (ALE) SHARES
5896.5    SHARES night primary / Coordination Nets
5909.5    (ALE) COTHEN
6020.0    (ALE) USACE
6785.0    (ALE) USACE
6910.0    SHARES Region 6 Hurricane net
7095.0    Digital H&W
7240.0    (LSB) Texas Emergency
7248.0    (LSB) Texas RACES Primary
7250.0    (LSB) Texas Emergency
7268.0    (LSB) Hurricane Watch Net Alternate
7273.0    (LSB) Texas ARES Alternate
7285.0    (LSB) South Texas ARES Emergency Day
7290.0    (LSB) South Texas ARES Health & Welfare
7290.0    (LSB) 0700-2100 local tfc net, night 3975
7302.0    AF MARS Region 6
7391.5    (ALE) SHARES
7457.0    AF MARS Region 4
7527.0    (ALE) COTHEN
7991.0    (ALE) SHARES
8912.0    (ALE) COTHEN
9106.0    (ALE) SHARES
9122.5    (ALE) USACE
10242.0    (ALE) COTHEN
10493.0    (ALE) USACE
10588.0    (ALE) FEMA
10821.0    Digital H&W
11108.0    (ALE) FEMA
11426.5    (ALE) SHARES
11494.0    (ALE) COTHEN
11693.5    (ALE) USACE
12222.0    (ALE) COTHEN
13312.0    (ALE) COTHEN
13907.0    (ALE) COTHEN
14325.0    Hurricane Watch Net
14396.5    SHARES day primary
14411.0    AF MARS Mission Support Net
14582.0    (ALE) COTHEN
14928.5    (ALE) SHARES
15867.0    (ALE) COTHEN
16077.0    (ALE) USACE
16382.0    (ALE) USACE
17458.5    (ALE) SHARES
18594.0    (ALE) COTHEN
20890.0    (ALE) COTHEN
23214.0    (ALE) COTHEN