Monday, September 11, 2017

Hurricane Frequency List #2

Most of the difference from #1 is that someone finally heard all the primary FEMA ALE frequencies, so they have been added.  ALE soundings aren't the most exciting things ever heard on HF, but ALE is also often used to link up and initiate other comms. FEMA has some voice, and also uses a text mode that passes the messages as clear strings in the ALE exchanges.

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In general, hurricane HF is not what it used to be, which is too bad.  Once upon a time, aircraft would fly over soon as it was safe and tell the ground in some unaffected area what things looked like.  Now, we just hear that Internet and cell phones stopped working and nobody knows what happened.  I realize that the ionosphere was in a similar state over North America yesterday afternoon (Eastern time), but really, how often does that occur, let alone the same day as a major hurricane?  Enough to get rid of HF?  Didn't think so.
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Generally, if a call to a station on COTHEN is answered (usually with an LQA), there will be subsequent voice comm like we used to hear on 5696 and 8983.  PC-ALE loves to record these as soundings, so I use it to scan, and use MultiPSK to detect if it's something more interesting than that. MultiPSK will scan with an external program, but that program's radio library is mostly ham rigs.
Every frequency on this list was heard by somebody.  Not exactly Mike Bettes standing in the eye wall, but there have been a few good comms.


2658.0    (ALE) US National Guard Joint Operations Centers
3345.0    (ALE) USACE
3388.0    (ALE) FEMA
3873.0    (LSB) South Texas ARES
3910.0    (LSB) Central Texas Emergency
3935.0    (LSB) South Texas ARES Health & Welfare
3955.0    (LSB) South Texas Emergency
3975.0    (LSB) Texas RACES Alternate / H&W alternate
4458.0    SHARES night Irma voice/digital net
4490.0    (ALE) SHARES
4603.0    (ALE) FEMA
5015.0    (ALE) USACE
5158.0    MARS A4A Net, request for comm teams
5211.0    (ALE) USACE
5250.0    (ALE) COTHEN
5253.5    USCG Auxiliary Hurricane Net
5372.5    (ALE) USACE
5378.0    (ALE) FEMA
5394.5    Joint AF/Army MARS Region 5
5400.0    (ALE) USACE
5402.0    (ALE) FEMA
5732.0    (ALE) COTHEN
5760.0    (ALE) SHARES
5821.0    (ALE) FEMA
5896.5    SHARES night primary / Coordination Nets
5909.5    (ALE) COTHEN
6020.0    (ALE) USACE
6049.0    (ALE) FEMA
6106.0    (ALE) FEMA
6151.0    (ALE) FEMA
6785.0    (ALE) USACE
6809.0    (ALE) FEMA
6910.0    SHARES Region 6 Hurricane net
7184.0    (LSB) Amateurs on St. Thomas
7240.0    (LSB) Texas Emergency
7248.0    (LSB) Texas RACES Primary
7250.0    (LSB) Texas Emergency
7262.0    (LSB) SATERN
7268.0    (LSB) Hurricane Watch Net Alternate
7273.0    (LSB) Texas ARES Alternate
7285.0    (LSB) South Texas ARES Emergency Day
7290.0    (LSB) South Texas ARES Health & Welfare
7302.0    AF MARS Region 6
7348.0    (ALE) FEMA
7391.5    (ALE) SHARES
7428.0    (ALE) FEMA
7457.0    AF MARS Region 4
7527.0    (ALE) COTHEN
7697.1    (ALE) Telco NS/EP
7806.4    (ALE) FEMA
7991.0    (ALE) SHARES
8000.0    USCG, usually Pacific, but some activity
8050.0    (ALE) FEMA
8912.0    (ALE) COTHEN
8918.0    TEAL 75 wkg New York MWARA
9106.0    (ALE) SHARES
9122.5    (ALE) USACE
9426.0    (ALE) SHARES
10194.0    (ALE) FEMA, ALE and voice comms
10202.0    (ALE) FEMA
10242.0    (ALE) COTHEN
10493.0    (ALE) USACE / FEMA
10588.0    (ALE) FEMA
10899.0    (ALE) FEMA
11108.0    (ALE) FEMA
11175.0    USAF HFGCS, some hurricane related patches
11426.5    (ALE) SHARES
11448.0    (ALE) FEMA
11494.0    (ALE) COTHEN
11693.5    (ALE) USACE
11957.0    (ALE) FEMA
12070.0    (ALE) USACE
12112.0    (ALE) FEMA
12129.0    (ALE) FEMA
12216.0    (ALE) FEMA
12222.0    (ALE) COTHEN
12267.0    (ALE) USACE
12270.0    (ALE) FEMA
13312.0    (ALE) COTHEN
13446.0    (ALE) FEMA
13907.0    (ALE) COTHEN
13935.0    (ALE) FEMA
14265.0    SATERN
14325.0    Hurricane Watch Net
14396.5    SHARES national day primary / Coordination Nets
14402.0    SHARES West Region Weekly Net
14411.0    AF MARS Mission Support Net
14567.0    (ALE) FEMA
14582.0    (ALE) COTHEN
14776.0    (ALE) FEMA
14885.0    (ALE) FEMA
14928.5    (ALE) SHARES
15094.0    (ALE) FEMA
15708.0    (ALE) FEMA
15867.0    (ALE) COTHEN
16077.0    (ALE) USACE
16201.0    (ALE) FEMA
16382.0    (ALE) USACE
17458.5    (ALE) SHARES
17519.0    (ALE) FEMA
18594.0    (ALE) COTHEN
19969.0    (ALE) FEMA
20890.0    (ALE) COTHEN
21866.0    (ALE) FEMA
22983.0    (ALE) FEMA
23214.0    (ALE) COTHEN
24526.0    (ALE) FEMA
24838.5    (ALE) COTHEN


The following Florida nets are in the directories, but no one has reported hearing them yet:

3910.0    (LSB) Regional Emergency Primary Channel
3940.0    (LSB) South Florida ARES Net
3950.0    (LSB) Northern Florida ARES Net
7247.0    (LSB) N. Florida ARES