Saturday, June 23, 2007

KFS Testing on 17026 kHz CW

In preparation for Night of Nights (12 July) KFS/A is testing on 17026kc, running a wheel as of 1930 GMT. For Night of Nights a 12Mc KFS frequency will also be available.

KSM is on the air as usual running a wheel with the traffic list scheduled for 2100 GMT and high seas weather at 2130 GMT on:


The traffic list and weather will be announced on 500kc and sent on 426kc.

VY 73,

Richard Dillman
Chief Operator, MRHS

(A weak QRU? marker is audible on 17026 CW in Southern California at 2159 UTC.

KSM has wx in progress at 2202 UTC. 4350.5 and 6474 are S8, 12993 is S2, and 16914 is in and out of the noise. This is consistent with skip over this distance. -Hugh)