Monday, June 25, 2007

Yet More Google Earth Coordinates

Some French Forces stuff...

46°42'56.49"N 1°14'18.61"E

The French Navy's awesome VLF facility at Rosnay, running 500 kW on various frequencies around 20 kHz.

48°32'47.72"N 2°34'47.76"E

Another transmitting station in the French Navy VLF network, at Sainte-Assise. These communicate with nuclear missile subs.

48°55'9.49"N 2°10'20.50"E

Major HF transmitting site just west of Carrieres-sur-Seine, outside of Paris. All types of antennas are visible, including large rotary log periodics and various types of wires. Probably military.

Note the important-looking high-security compound at the south end of this facility, with its huge microwave mast, satellite dish, double perimeter, and weird play field painted on the tarmac. "Nycotin," a contributor to the Google Earth Community, seems to think this is an underground Navy comm center with nuclear- hardened antennas in silos. I certainly cannot confirm this!