Monday, August 11, 2008

Hope for UK PLC Threat

Good news for HF comes so rarely that I'd be derelict not to report when it does. It appears that, after many meetings and hand-wringings, the UK's privatized phone company (BT) and its privatized version of the US FCC (OfCom) have arrived at something of a compromise. I wish I'd been a fly on the wall at THOSE meetings!

The result is that, according to OfCom, Mike's uncooperative neighbors in West Sussex have finally accepted a hard-wired solution after being "persuaded" by BT personnel.

In my opinion, the whole damn industry should accept a hard-wired solution. I've got TV and network cables all over my baseboards and around doorways and all that. What's the problem?

But then, I'm weird.

Mike reports the PLC units should be gone within a week, and he'll get use of his radios back. If this happens, it's a much faster resolution than I've gotten used to from the underfunded US FCC.

Details on UKQRM.