Sunday, August 03, 2008

UK QRM Group Mentioned in Amateur Radio Newsline

Amateur Radio Newsline is a respected (and copyrighted) voice broadcast with MP3 files and written transcripts available here. It is heard by thousands of hams worldwide.

This week's Newsline mentioned the PLC interference situation in the UK:

Radio Netherlands reports that a new Yahoo Group called UKQRM has been formed. This, as a meeting place for those who use the high frequency bands and who are suffering from interference caused by Broadband over Power Lines or BPL.

In announcing the group, Radio Netherlands Worldwide's Andy Sennitt is quoted as saying that the traditional DX clubs have been very slow to latch-on to the threat posed by this technology. Because of this it is encouraging to see that at least some listeners in the United Kingdom are trying to raise awareness of the problem.

More at the link.