Friday, January 01, 2010

JFX Kagoshima QSL'd in SoCal

Martin Foltz has received an e-QSL from JFX, Kagashima Fishing Radio Station, for a fax fishery chart received at 1500 UTC. This transmission has also been received here, though usually too weak to make much out.

This brings the number of confirmed Japanese fishery radio fax stations received on the US Pacific Coast to four:

JFC Misaki, Kanagawa Prefecture
JFW Fukushima Prefecture
JFX Kagoshima Prefecture
JSC Kagoshima Prefecture (Kyodo News).

JSC uses the old JJC Kyodo frequency of 16971 kHz USB. The others use the common Japanese Fishery Radio frequencies of 6414.5, 8658.0, 16907.5, and 22559.6 kHz USB. As always, FAX dial frequencies are around 1.9 kHz lower than these assigned channel centers.