Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Preliminary Haiti Earthquake Scan List

The earthquake is a very serious emergency, and will require a massive international relief effort.

This is a quick extract from the Hurricane Frequency List. It has frequencies that have shown past use in Caribbean disasters. There will, of course, be more. Check news to see which agencies are participating, and look around accordingly.

3815.0 (LSB) Caribbean Net (Alt on 3940 S. FL, 3950 N FL)
3815.0 (LSB) Inter-island 75 meter frequency (24 hr)
3818.0 (LSB) Caribbean
4426.0 USCG, SCN net duplex, ships call on 4134
4724.0 USAF HF-GCS Primary
5400.0 USCG, Puerto Rico
5696.0 USCG air-ground/safety of flight
5732.0 (ALE/USB) COTHEN (Scan-1)
6501.0 USCG, SCN net duplex, ships call on 6200
6739.0 USAF HF-GCS Primary
6809.0 FEMA "Foxtrot-21" channel: urban search and rescue, Caribbean relief
7265.8 (LSB) Salvation Army SATERN (Alt) Sat 1630
7527.0 (ALE/USB) COTHEN Scan-2
7773.5 USCG, Caribbean use
7850.0 Old Caribbean Police Net
8160.0 USCG, Caribbean use
8764.0 USCG, SCN net duplex, ships call on 8240
8912.0 (ALE/USB) COTHEN Scan-3
8983.0 USCG Air-Ground/ Safety of Flight
8992.0 USAF HF-GCS Primary
10242.0 (ALE/USB) COTHEN Scan-4
10935.0 USCG, others, in Caribbean disaster ops
11175.0 USAF, HF-GCS Primary
11202.0 US Coast Guard Safety of Flight
11387.0 MWARA CAR net
11396.0 MWARA CAR net
11494.0 (ALE/USB) COTHEN Scan-5
13089.0 USCG, SCN net duplex, ships call on 12242
13200.0 USAF, HF-GCS Primary
13297.0 MWARA CAR net
13907.0 (ALE/USB) COTHEN Scan-6
14118.0 'Le Reseau Du Capitaine' Net. Montreal, Canada. In French and English
14185.0 Caribbean emergency frequency
14265.0 Salvation Army SATERN Net Primary
14268.0 UN Radio Readiness Group
14270.0 Red Cross Net
14283.0 Friendly Caribus Connection ("FCC;" a Caribbean net)
14283.0 UN Relief Net
14293.0 Red Cross use
14303.0 ARRL International Assistance & Traffic Net
14313.0 US Coast Guard Amateur Radio Net
14327.0 US Coast Guard Amateur Radio Net
15016.0 USAF HF-GCS Primary
15088.0 USCG Air-Ground safety of flight
15867.0 (ALE/USB) COTHEN Scan-7
17907.0 MWARA CAR net
18594.0 (ALE/USB) COTHEN Scan-8
20890.0 (ALE/USB) COTHEN Scan-9
23214.0 (ALE/USB) COTHEN Scan-10
25350.0 (ALE/USB) COTHEN Scan-11