Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Early Haiti Earthquake Active Amateur Frequencies

Confirmed active with earthquake traffic. Hams should not transmit on these unless they have immediate life and safety traffic. FCC has been known to declare emergency protected zones.

3270.0/ 7045.0 (LSB) Regional interisland emergency frequencies

14265.0 SATERN Salvation Army amateur emergency net
**This has been monitored here in California with emergency comm**

The interesting HFLINK (amateur ALE/voice emergency network) has offered its availability, though I know of nothing being found here yet:

HFN net (text/internet/sounding/calling)
3596.0 USB
7102.0 USB
10145.5 USB
14109.0 USB
18106.0 USB
21096.0 USB
24926.0 USB
28146.0 USB

HFL net (emcomm/voice/calling)
3791.0 USB
7185.5 USB
14346.0 USB
18117.5 USB
21437.5 USB
24932.0 USB
28312.5 USB