Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Maritime CW "Night of Nights" Coming July 12!

Night of Nights will be held on 12 July 2010.

Night of Nights is the annual event of the Maritime Radio Historical Society, commemorating that sad day on 12 July 1999 when what were thought to be the last commercial Morse messages in the US were sent. However the reports of the demise of commercial Morse were exaggerated. By the next year the MRHS had restored enough of ex-RCA station KPH to hold the first Night of Nights. Since then the event has expanded to include the return to the air of not only KPH but KFS and KSM, the station of the MRHS. Other coast stations typically join us on the air. In the past these have included WLO and KLB. This year we hope that at least two US Coast Guard stations will be on the air as well.

Night of Nights is a public event. You're invited to join us at the RCA receive site in Point Reyes, CA. Special visits to the transmitter site can be arranged for "true believers". Wherever you are you can tune in to the event at 5:01pm Pacific time/0001gmt as we pick up the thread and keep the faith with all the radiotelegraph operators who came before us.

More details will be posted as Night of Nights draws near.

If you would like to receive information about Night of Nights and other MRHS activities directly just send an email to .

VY 73,