Friday, June 25, 2010

RSGB Responds on PLT/PLC Report

The Radio Society of Great Britain has posted the following response to inquiries about its position on the recently published consulting report regarding the electromagnetic compatibility issues surrounding home power line communications in the UK.

This discussion is on the UK QRM group on Yahoo. From the start, this group has played a key role in the discussion of this issue among hams and SWLs in the United Kingdom. It was started by long time Utility World contributor Mike in West Sussex, who has hung in there despite personal tragedies which would have defeated lesser people.

Given the context, we should best regard this as a semi off the record statement. Here you go:
I have seen several requests here for a comment from someone in RSGB on all this.

In the GB2RS script for this week should be the following:

Ofcom has this week published its long-awaited report "The Likelihood and Extent of Radio Frequency Interference from In-Home PLT Devices" This 156 page report assesses the likelihood of interference to various users of the radio spectrum over the next decade. The main conclusion is that action is needed to reduce the interference footprint of PLT devices. This action could take various forms, and the Society is considering the report in detail prior to initiating discussions with Ofcom about the follow-on actions it intends to take. We expect the position to become clearer over the next few weeks and months.

As background, there are a number of issues to consider about the report's recommendations, not the least is whether Ofcom has accepted them! Beyond that there are questions about the effectiveness of the mitigation measures which PA recommend, and whether they go anywhere near meeting the essential requirements of the EMCD.

RSGB is considering all these matters, and will make its views known in due course.

Don, G3BJ