Friday, June 11, 2010

New E-Mail Address for Utility World **IMPORTANT**


In the previous week or so, my e-mail address has been barraged with hundreds of spam messages per day, all forwarding from my column's "official" mail drop at On any given day, 10-20 of these will have viruses attached. Most of the others are phishing or links to malware.

In order to keep Utility World functioning at all for the continued benefit of our hobby, it is now necessary for me to put in a hard block of the entire domain. This means that, effective immediately, no e-mail sent to my "official" column address at the magazine will ever reach me.

I am working with MT to change the e-mail address shown on my column. Due to the nature of magazine lead times, however, the change will not appear until the August issue.

Therefore, I am using other means of getting word to people whose loggings and input I value. Anyone wanting to contact Utility World can do so at this address (broken up for anti-spam):


(common ASCII symbol meaning "a t")

(Obviously you would concatenate all this together to get a standard e-mail address format. You know, like person@name.tld. One of those.)

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it had gotten so bad that no other recourse was left. It is too bad that abuse of the Internet makes it so hard for honest users to get work done.