Tuesday, November 08, 2011

HFDL System Table #48/ 30 Now Current

Yesterday, a discussion on the HFDL Yahoo group produced the intelligence that the frequencies were being changed in bunches. As a result, it was predicted that ARINC would soon change the system table again.

They did.

You know the drill.  Fire up PC-HFDL right now, put it on a loud ground station, and leave it there until the system table is sent to an aircraft.  It is done so in a special message type, and in 5 or 6 data packets.  It is essential to receive all of these.  After this happens, PC-HFDL will magically turn the numbers in the squitters back into frequencies.

The alternative is to get the new PCHFDL.DAT file online.  An earlier post tells how to do this.  Of course, since #47 has now gone the way of several others in the past weeks, that file has been removed from this column's web site.  #48 will be posted whenever I get one that works.