Friday, March 09, 2007

Digital SSTV Saga Continues

14233 remains active whenever the band is awake to propagate it.

The DRM has drifted slowly back on-channel, last one being measured at 14232.995, accounting for known receiver errors but not unknown computer clock ones.

One file received toward the end of the UTC day, when signal strengths tend to peak on 20, was reported as received perfectly - no bad segments, no CRC errors, full file integrity. It was a picture, according to the voice orderwire. Nothing happened. Irfan View did not start, DIGTRX did not display anything, and no file was saved anywhere. It is presumably in bit heaven.

Wonder what it was.

Seeking verification, I downloaded WinDRM, which worked, but no joy there either. Another try of a newer version of EasyPAL Lite crashed even harder than the last one, not even making it through its first initialization, while giving streams of errors about writing to nonexistent memory addresses before hanging altogether and being killed from Task Manager. Obviously some underlying runtime module is wrong, missing, or corrupt. Probably not EasyPAL Lite's problem, but radio is about communication, not troubleshooting your operating system.

I note from the Yahoo! group that this is not exactly the turnkey program of all time anyway.

While the quest continues, good old grungy Scottie 2 and Scottie DX look better all the time.


Discovered the local loop-back test mode. I am now quite good at sending jp2 files to myself. Software appears fine, and the Irfan View preview works.

Still no decodes here. Most stations are in the Midwest. As most people who live here know, short wave listening in California is often like watching grass grow.