Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More 7000 kHz Strangeness

This comes from Brazil, describing unlicensed CB-style 40-meter activity in that country:
Regarding your last post ('7000 kHz Is Getting Weird') I would like to
say, perhaps, brazilian RF users are helping on this weirdness.

Unfortunately it is increasingly common to see truck drivers installing
'27MHz->7MHz' transverters on their CB radios. This would explain the
use of words 'cambio' and the whistle (a 'roger beep' signalling the end
of QSO). It is very common to see unlicensed voice traffic between
6900-7000KHz. Here, they call this space as 'faixinha' ('little band').

This page ( )
has CB transverters for 6, 40 and 80 meters (25-50W) costing
US$100-US$200. Although the company's objective is to help licensed hams
operator to start on 6, 40 and 80 meter bands with short budget,
unlicensed CB owners are using this devices to get better coverage, but,
sadly, whithout any licensing and control.

Best regards,

ZZ3HAG Huelbe Garcia
member of DX Club of Brazil