Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cuban PSK Broadcasts Again

The new Cuban PSK31 numbers broadcast (SK01) is back. It substituted for the normal voice sked on the new 1700 UTC frequency of 17436 kHz. The message format was not the standard V2a, but it seemed close, and much longer than the previous transmissions.

It ended with 10 repetitions of the group "22222," then the equals sign (=, meaning break) and then "tt," possibly an end-of-message signal ("todo, todo"?) , perhaps not.

SK01 will bear watching. It is straight PSK31, same type amateurs use. If you don't have a PSK31 program, Digipan is good, and it's free. MultiPSK is also good, and free. MixW is a nice comprehensive package including PSK31, but it is low priced shareware, not free.