Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Interesting Maritime CW Activity Coming Up Saturday

From Richard Dillman:

World War II destroyer USS Cassin Young (DD-793)/NTTH will be on the air again this Saturday, as will WWII Victory ship SS American Victory/KKUI. Both ships will attempt to communicate with KSM, as they did last Saturday. But this Saturday they will also attempt to contact each other. Both ships will be using their original radio equipment which has been restored to operation.

Beginning at about 1700GMT both ships will call KSM on ITU global calling channel 3 for the 12Mc band, 12552.0kc. NTTH will use a working frequency of 12453.5kc (primary) or 12423.0kc (secondary). As always, when in communication with either ship, KSM will key all HF and MF transmitters to give the greatest number of listeners the best chance to hear at least one side of the exchange. KSM will also announce the working frequency to be used by the ship(s) to give listeners a chance to listen for them as well.

KSM will begin its Morse press broadcast at 1800GMT as usual but will interrupt the broadcast to answer calling ships if needed. Otherwise the KSM "wheel" will be heard on all HF transmitters. KSM will send the traffic list at 2100GMT and high seas North Pacific weather at 2130GMT as usual. KSM press and weather RTTY broadcasts will begin at 1900GMT as usual.

KSM CW Frequencies (in kHz):