Monday, November 02, 2009

Utility World Blog Stirs Back To Life

I just noticed that i've only made something like 3 posts to this blog in the past month.

Apologies are in order. I was out of town and away from any radios, but I had a laptop so there's no excuse.

I'll do better.

A few things are happening in the utility scene right now that are worth watching.

The most newsworthy one is that November/December of 2009 is the Moment of Truth for solar Cycle 24. There are indications that this late cycle is beginning to rise, pretty much in line with the scaled-back newer predictions. Some daily fluxes around 81 have occurred, which are promising. Expect some definite changes in conditions if it gets over 90 for any length of time.

If the cycle does not rise at all, and we fall back into spotless days, weeks, and maybe months, all bets are off. Meanwhile, a lively and information-packed web site for all this is