Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cherry Ripe Frequency Change

According to Eddy Waters in Australia, the British MI6 numbers station called Cherry Ripe (E03a) has changed the frequency of its broadcast at 0500 UTC.

The new frequency is 21866 kHz USB. There is probably a parallel transmission on another new frequency, but Eddy has not found it.

Old frequencies (now unused) were 16525.0 and 18565.0 kHz USB.

As we know, Cherry Ripe has moved its transmitter site from Guam to Humpty Doo in Australia's Northern Territory. This is a "numbers" transmission that is no doubt intended for spies. Target area remains Mainland China.

The station signs on with a musical tune of an old British folk song (from which the name Cherry Ripe comes). A "female" digitally sampled voice then gives number groups in English.