Thursday, January 30, 2014

Small Government/ Military Log for 27 January

From Jack Metcalfe in KY:

5232.0   GROUPALE-US Marine Corps  1758  ALE  Net with BOGUEALE and MACS2ALE, calling each other until 1904. Also on 7532.0.  (27/JAN/2014) (JLM)

7510.0   Hotel 0 Victor-US Army Continuity of Operations net  2019  USB/ALE  Voice calling Papa 0 Tango.  ALE addresses USADA1010 (H0V) and USAIS1012 (P0T).  (27/JAN/2014) (JLM)

7615.0   Avenging Spirit-US Civil Air Patrol  2007  USB  Working Middle East 34 and Louisiana CAP 30.  (27/JAN/2014) (JLM)

11175.0  ANVIL 55-USAF aircraft over Amarillo, TX  1902  USB  Calling MARS RADIO and reporting position.  Oops, wrong frequency.  (27/JAN/2014) (JLM)