Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WebSDR logs for January 21-22

All logs by the editor, via University of Twente WebSDR, Netherlands:

4593.5    AFE1TM-USAF MARS net control  0117  USB  Discussing msg format for upcoming comm drill this weekend, passed test msg "C130 wheels up at this time."    (Jan-22 2014) (HS)

5505.0    Shannon Volmet-Shannon Ireland aviation weather  0109  USB    Voice syn female in British EE, aviation wx for London Heathrow Metroport, then ID.     (Jan-22 2014) (HS)

6504.0    Unknown-Military?    USB   0024   Possible time domain scrambling; tones and gurgles. (Jan-22 2014) (HS)

6519.0    WLO-ShipCom, AL   USB   0021    Voice syn YL, maritime wx for Gulf & Caribbean.  (Jan-22 2014) (HS)

6532.0    07-Shannon HFDL, Ireland   USB  0042  Position from ETH701, Etihad Airlines flight (52 43 48 N, 008 55 46 W).     (Jan-22 2014) (HS)

6535.0    Unid-Weak HFDL a/c wkg Hat Yai   USB  0046  Partial decodes only.     (Jan-22 2014) (HS)

6565.0    244-Likely Algerian Air Force  ALE   2350  Calling 514; later voice on frequency.    (Jan-21 2014) (HS)

6586.0     Unknown-Caribbean MWARA air control   USB  0048  Working JetBlue 803     (Jan-22 2014) (HS)

6607.0    4XZ-Israeli Navy   CW   2358  Fast marker VVV DE 4XZ 4XZ = =, repeated, then into usual numbered message format at 0000.     (Jan-21 2014) (HS)

6617.0    Unid-St. Petersburg Volmet, Russia   USB   0010 Male voice with aviation weather in Russian, stomped on by unknown strong ANDVT.     (Jan-21 2014) (HS)

6628.0    Santa Maria-North Atlantic MWARA (NAT-E)    USB   0018   Selcalling FQ-GR many times, no joy. Selcal returns to Nordwind Airlines B757 reg  VQ-BAL.  (Jan-22 2014) (HS)

6661.0    Unid-Station selcalling HP-CS   USB  0030  Position check, selcal returns to Air Atlanta Icelandic B747 reg TF-AMX, frequency listed as a RDARA. Loud QRM from Riverhead HFDL.   (Jan-22 2014) (HS)

6676.0    Bangkok Volmet-Bangkok, Thailand    USB   0014  Voice synthesized male in English with aviation weather, signed "Bangkok Volmet, out"  at 0015.  (Jan-22 2014) (HS)

6712.0    03-Reykjavik HFDL, Iceland   USB   0037   Loud squitters, then working SU0153 (Aeroflot).   (Jan-22 2014) (HS)

6739.0    Mainsail-US Air Force collective callsign for HFGCS ground stations    USB   0036  Male giving SKYKING broadcast, huge signal.   (Jan-22 2014) (HS)

6754.0    Trenton Military-Canadian Forces Volmet   USB   0014   Probable voice synthesized male with aviation weather for Canadian fields.  (Jan-22 2014) (HS)

6917.5    "L"-Russian military, St. Petersburg   CW   0053  Single-letter marker, continuous ID  (Jan-22 2014) (HS)