Friday, January 17, 2014

US Federal/ Military Logs for January 16-17

From Jack Metcalfe in KY:

6803.1    WQLE815RZUB-Unknown station licensed to NVIS Communications, possible test project, ALE sounding at 2011. (16/JAN/2014) (JLM)

6845.0    KNR33-US federal Shared Resources pool (SHARES), VA, USB voice with no joy calling  KGD34, SHARES Master Control Station, VA, at 2001. (16/JAN/2014) (JLM)

7348.0    FC1FEM/ WGY901-FEMA Region 1, MA, raised VA3FEM/ WGY963, VA State EOC, then voice and AMD chat (1), at 1548. (16/JAN/2014) (JLM)

9352.2    KLE438-Unknown US Government, ALE soundings along with KLE439, KLE444, KLE445 & KLE446. Also sounding on 4947.9, 5241.7, 7971.7, 10874.3, and 12188.6. At 1800 - 2314. (16/JAN/2014) (JLM)

9414.5    087CDCS51-VA Department of Health, Richmond (voice call WNG940), ALE linking and AMD chat with NPHRN (2) station 002CDCNHQ, US Centers for Disease Control, at 1550. (16/JAN/2014) (JLM)

14458.4    CIW634-Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System (CFARS), ALE sounding at 2128. (16/JAN/2014) (JLM)

14484.0    DESERT EAGLE-US Army Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS), Ft. Huachuca, AZ, checking unknown station into a net, at 2027. (16/JAN/2014) (JLM)

18475.0    ADWSPR-US Air Force Secure IP Routed Network, Andrews AFB, MD, sounding on the "HIJ net" (unknown US Govt/Mil), at 0022. (17/JAN/2014) (JLM)

1. AMD chat is a text mode used by US federal stations that allows real time chat using the Automatic Message of the Day (AMD) strings in ALE exchanges. -Hugh

2. NPHRN = National Public Health Radio Network. -Hugh